Funny Translations Found in Japanese Clothing Stores

Japanese clothing stores put English words on shirts, sweaters and other clothing apparel. But when a non-native English speaker translates something, there is always the risk that they will get it massively wrong. Once it sounds good to them, they just go with it and the results can be simply unexplainable.

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Lolita Fashion and its different substyles

Lolita fashion is a popular fashion subculture from Japan. Influenced by Victorian children clothing and the aesthetic of cuteness. Voluminous dresses combined with blouses and hairbows are typicals outfits. There are many substyles in lolita fashion but the three main styles are Gothic lolita, Classic lolita and Sweet lolita.

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Aesthetic Tumblr fashion and the obsession for it

Tumblr has its own subcultures with many aesthetic trends. The typical Tumblr aesthetic is difficult to describe but you could say it’s a combination of embroidered patches, pleated school girl skirts, holographic clothing, hamburger patterns, fishnets, aliens, pastel colors, pixels, angry memes or just weird stuff. You can also say it’s an obsession for the 90’s.

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