pastel goth


Pastel Goth is the new type of goth (also called “new goth and goth lite”) and is a mix of kawaii and goth. Pastel and cute meets dark and moody. Creepy cute.

A pastel goth look may involve fishnets or black leather boots, but those darker items could be lightened with a rose gold or baby blue dress. Everything soft and delicate should have a sharp, sort of dangerous edge.

pastel goth


How do I become Pastel Goth?

You don’t need to go crazy shopping just because you want to change your style. Start with going thru your closet, you will find a lot of items that will be useful. You just need to stay creative and learn how to mix items right to make the look.

Keep all your black and pastel items. If you have a lot of white items you can buy some cheap fabric dye at the drugstore and turn your old clothes to colorful pastel pieces.

If you don’t already have a pair of black leather boots or platforms you could invest in this. They will go with almost any outfit. Pair them with a girly pastel dress and you instantly have a pastel goth outfit.

Tights, leggings and fishnets are inexpensive wardrobe additions that are invaluable in creating pastel goth looks.

Skulls, bones, bowknots, crosses, bats, unicorns, stars and moons are good prints for pastel goth.


pastel goth


Pastel colored hair is a good match for the look. Think lavender, baby blue, pink or mint green.

Also, the makeup should be a mix of dark and pastel. Black eyeliner with a pastel eyeshadow and black lipstick works.


pastel goth




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